Monday, October 13, 2008


I give up, I give in, you win!! (Winston would be so proud!)

After a very tense, extended, yet fruitless negotiation process, the President and Prime Minister (ie. Rebekah and Heath) have joined forces and formed an alliance against their own spokesperson (me) and officially went on strike. (You wouldn't think this would bode well for them as surely public opinion is more likely to support the one who tells them what to think ie. the SPOKESPERSON!) They have utterly refused to update their blogs until I have posted.
My first impulse was to dig in my heels- "Never, Never, Never give up" came to mind- after all, you can't give in to ultimatums and threats and still maintain your self-respect or standing in the world (or at least the Pritchard et al. world.) Plus, by the mere act of writing a post, I am in effect going completely against the theme and title of my blog- a point which surely could not have been lost on my astute opponents!
Regrettably, I have been overcome by their combined powers of persuasion and the fear of losing my #1 source of entertainment (especially while at work.... wait, I mean during my required-by-law scheduled work breaks.) Yes, their blog entries have not only entertained me but even more importantly, they have instructed me wisely on what to think and what opinions to adopt- priceless- who else would be willing to selflessly tutor a simple, un-opinionated person like myself? I am left with no other choice but to acquiesce. So here it is- the under-anticipated first official Lazy J posting.

Sadly, I'm sure I would be a great disappointment to our good friend WSC- giving in to public pressure against my own principles.....