Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Don't worry- I'm not actually doing a new post and in so doing disregarding the title message of my blog - I just got so cold looking at the last post and thought I would put up some warmer pics from Hawaii in AprilAhh... the waves were so warm, the sand so fine...
Believe it or not, it was poring rain so hard right now, we got drenched the second we stepped off the covered patio.
Kimo, Felicia and Dad enjoying paradise!
Felicia is so fun on vacation- glad she was able to come!Sorry Rebekah- the only shots I could find of you were either you chauffeuring us around or a close up swim suit shot!Yum! Nothing's better than shave ice on a hot day!
Can you guess who's feet are who's?
Okay, after posting these I think it is time to plan the next trip-- Hawaii 2010? Or maybe Hawaii Fall 2009? Hmm.....