Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy "Glad it's not Felicia" Day!!

This weekend we enjoyed the social event of the year thanks to my sweet niece Felicia!! The day started out pretty low key and casual- no stress this morning!!

We started our evening with a celebratory dinner at Il Forniao in Pacific Place and we were joined by the ever fun and entertaining Karen.

Isn't she glowing!?

Once we stuffed ourselves with dinner it was time for dessert....Red Mango- Yum!!

Time for a movie.......what should we see?

Should we see Salt?? (as an aside, judging from my choice of "tough girl" pose, it is probably good that I am not any kind of spy, cop, body guard, undercover agent, ect...)

Of course we are all dying to see Harry bad it doesn't come out until November...

So we finally decided on the appropriately anything-but-romantic Vampires Suck...Kimo you are a saint for going along with us on this one!

Special Thanks to Grandpa for watching out for his grandson by taking Jack to The Last Airbender, although I've a sneaking suspicion that they both enjoyed it better that way! (Sorry about the eating pic but this is the only one we caught of you that night.)

Thanks for the fun night and memories Felicia!! We Love you!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Lying Down Game

OK- I know this is an improper use of the word "lying" but apparently this is the name of the game- which drives me crazy!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


OK- I would be shocked if anyone is actually reading this have to admit I have lived up to the title and mission of my blog! my ever enduring quest to be the favorite aunt, I have run into a few challenges that have seriously threatened my goal (namely, my sisters). I found myself losing serious ground at the family Christmas Party last month. As the youngest niece, Kiera is the latest pawn in this game of mine. She makes you work for the title and honestly, I just haven't been around as much as I should have been. The whole evening I had to endure her letting Aunt Lysa, Aunt Rebekah and Aunt Allison hold her while she smiled and laughed at them.
Me...lets see...she saw me eating M&Ms and since I didn't think she could have any I tried to hide them behind my back. Of course she was too smart to fall for that, which she let me know by pointing to my back and crying. Minus points for Aunt Jaime!
I was feeling disheartened. I couldn't take her shopping like I did with Kaleigh. A sparkly purse just wasn't going to impress her like it did Olivia. She didn't seem as taken with the princess stuff as was Janelle. And at this age I didn't think a trip to see the helicopter would mean as much as it did to Jack. What was I to do?
Just when I was about to despair my sweet little niece threw me a little bone. She grabbed on to my empty Diet Coke bottle and wouldn't let go in her efforts to drink it. It was then that I realized that we had a connection that no one else could appreciate. This is my girl! I am so proud!

Don't worry Lisa- I didn't really let her drink it- I'll save that for her 21st B-day!