Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy "Glad it's not Felicia" Day!!

This weekend we enjoyed the social event of the year thanks to my sweet niece Felicia!! The day started out pretty low key and casual- no stress this morning!!

We started our evening with a celebratory dinner at Il Forniao in Pacific Place and we were joined by the ever fun and entertaining Karen.

Isn't she glowing!?

Once we stuffed ourselves with dinner it was time for dessert....Red Mango- Yum!!

Time for a movie.......what should we see?

Should we see Salt?? (as an aside, judging from my choice of "tough girl" pose, it is probably good that I am not any kind of spy, cop, body guard, undercover agent, ect...)

Of course we are all dying to see Harry bad it doesn't come out until November...

So we finally decided on the appropriately anything-but-romantic Vampires Suck...Kimo you are a saint for going along with us on this one!

Special Thanks to Grandpa for watching out for his grandson by taking Jack to The Last Airbender, although I've a sneaking suspicion that they both enjoyed it better that way! (Sorry about the eating pic but this is the only one we caught of you that night.)

Thanks for the fun night and memories Felicia!! We Love you!!