Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pioneer Trek July 2011

So, the Lazy-J Blog lives up to it's name...I have been unable (ok- too lazy) to document all of my 2011 travels. I know, such a disappointment to all my followers (and by followers, I mean myself). But after such detailed accounts of the first part of the year I feel that I need to at least put in a few words regarding my other 'trips'.
First: Trek
Trek was certainly a unique experience. Very different from my European spring. Basically, I dressed up in full pioneer gear and for 3.5 days I was a camp nurse, trekking through Eastern Washington with nearly 100 teenagers and leaders. Great experience! I have a newfound respect for all that those pioneers suffered and accomplished. It was also an amazing opportunity to get to know the kids (especially those needing my skills- haha!) and the other leaders (one benefit of being an 'adult'- ice cold Diet Coke when no one is looking). I had my first ever interaction with poison oak (did you know the hematoma and blisters from that plant can last nearly a month!!) and I stopped counting my mosquito bites somewhere after 50...(suffice it to say, ankle length dresses do not actually protect your legs from insect bites as much as one might think.)

You never know what you'll run into in the middle of nowhere.

Best part of the trip? The hour long shower when I got home.