Monday, December 8, 2008

Just to Clarify

Lest anyone think for a moment from my last post that my ultimate loyalty lies anywhere in the rocky mountain region...... Here I am on the worst day in Washington Football history- still in my purple, donning my W necklace (you can't really see it in this pic but I am wearing it) It was such a dark day that I was getting condolences from strangers as I walked the isles of Fred Meyers.

That's okay though- when we're back in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl I won't just be on the band wagon- Please Steve S.-help us!! (even if you do hail from my old Alma Matter)

I was just there yesterday, wasn't I?

Aah!! I'm feeling a bit nostalgic and a bit old right now! Over Thanksgiving weekend my niece Felicia came home from college- that's right, my sweet little niece who used to visit me as a little girl when I was at school. Not only is she a freshman but she is attending my first college too- BYU-Idaho. (Okay, I have to admit that when I went there it was called Rick's College- yet another reminder that I have aged.)

It brought back a lot of great memories- roommates (esp. Kate and Audrey), football games, dances, lip-sync contests (yes, me- I can't believe it either), rock-climbing (or pretending in my case), scrounging for quarters to do laundry, all nighters to get homework done, all nighters getting nothing productive done, Taco Time runs when Audrey was working.... I would have posted a few pics but I am too lazy to figure out how to scan them in- yes, it was that long ago- long before digital cameras!

It was so much fun seeing Felicia though! She came back with great college stories and truly she has become such a great person!

Felicia and Jack reading books- future colleagues?
Leisure time in college now involves far more technology than it did in my day- in fact, when I was at Rick's College only 200 lucky students could sign up and get an email account.

Even on Thanksgiving break the homework still comes- there was always a professor who seemed to get joy from that-welcome to college!
This is just a little addition for Heath- the homemade rolls you missed out on by messing with Thanksgiving- maybe if you are real nice we could be persuaded.....